"The Vices of Men" - Kyle Mosher 2018

“The Vices of Men” - 60” x 48” x 1.5” Acrylic and Cut-Paper on gallery wrapped canvas. This is the final painting from the series, “exercise these demons.” This is the largest Canvas painting I’ve ever done and the most pieces of paper I’ve ever used. Medusa was so beautiful she was the only woman who was able to steal Poseidon away from Athena, the goddess of beauty. Athena was so mad she turned Medusa into a hideous creature. “Poseidon was easier than most. He calls himself a god, but he fell beneath my fingers with more shaking than any mortal. He wept when my robe fell from my shoulders. “ - Medusa by Patricia Smith, 1955. This is available to add to your collection please direct all pricing and inquiries here: Me@KyleMosher.com. 📸 @katherine_kirchner