Introducing: "The Residency" Kyle Mosher x THREE30FIVE Apartments

Introducing: “The Residency”. A highlight of some of my murals and studio inside @335apts. This is the first video from a series of short videos I’ll be dropping on Instagram. Each video will have a theme and be specifically made for Instagram to highlight certain areas of my journey as an artist. This is also my first time working with 🎥@manasyengkhom who I met through after my talk at PHS. This dude killed it, give him a follow. We have more magic on the way. ;) 🤙🏼#XØ

"Hand of Light" Mural at Three30Five Building in Charlotte, NC

Newest mural for @335apts. This is actually the second exterior mural we’ve done here, but I’m dropping the big one last. Located at 335 Doggett St in Charlotte, NC.

Kyle Mosher Three30Five Art Residency


As of July 2019, I will be doing a year long art residency at Three30Five in Charlotte, NC. This project will include me living on-site for a year and completing over a dozen murals for their residential and new commercial/retail property. Below is a little teaser video of the first 55 ft mural we are working on. More coming soon!

Your Testimony Could Be Someone's Breakthrough

Your Testimony Could Be Someone's Breakthrough

I've been in the creative space professionally for just about ten years now, the last six of those as a full-time working artist. One of the most important lessons I've learned in this industry is that independent artists and musicians alike cannot make it alone. I wish I would've learned this lesson sooner. No matter how much of our time, dedication, and resources we put in -- in addition to everything we sacrifice -- this is an industry where only one percent of people breakthrough. I'm convinced the difference between those breaking through and those giving up, is having a team of people behind them. Call them fans, supporters, collectors, street teams, managers, whatever; the people that support an artist are their biggest assets. These supporters exponentially improve the artist's quality of life emotionally, mentally, and physically, and improve any chance at being able to make it in this industry. 

Aside from purchasing art, people ask me all the time, "what can I do to help?" My best answer is this: like, comment, and share. Tell your friends. Tell your coworkers. Tell your family. Be a testimony for not just me, but for any other artists and musicians out there whose work you appreciate and believe in. Galleries and record labels have their places and there are some good ones out there, but at the end of the day they still hold the power and do what's best for their bottom line. They are the gatekeepers. The industry is changing (music faster than art), but these entities still hold the keys. We live in the social media age where artists and their fans (supporters and collectors) are taking the power back, and in order to do so, outside of monetary support, the best support is getting the word out about your favorite artist/musician. Outside of individual collectors and supporters, one of the biggest trends right now is artist collaboration with brands, agencies and companies, which are a big part of how up-and-coming artists are discovered. These collaborations usually have larger audiences and resources than the artist has individually, so if you know of an artist or musician that you love, share them with the people around you. The biggest boost an artist can receive is a larger business/brand's platform and/or sponsorship for their work. You never know where that opportunity could come from, nor where it could lead for an artist. 

I'll leave you with this story not many people know about Jeff Buckley's famous version of the song, "Hallelujah". Musicians and artists are discovered all the time through other people's testimonies. Jeff Buckley, at this point a struggling musician, discovered another musician's cover of the song, while he was house sitting for a friend. He was bored and had nothing else to do, so he played the record. The original version and the cover version were both relative flops, but Buckley found it, fell in love with it, and made it his own. He played it at a small bar in New York City where an executive from Columbia Records discovered him. The executive told a colleague at work, they watched him perform it, and they all fell in love with Buckley's version. Columbia Records eventually signed him, he recorded his own version of, "Hallelujah", and that became the popular version we know and love today. Supporting artists doesn't only entail purchasing their music or art, you can support your favorite artists and musicians by sharing their work and spreading the word. If it moves you, tell people. You never know, your testimony could be someone's breakthrough.

Thanks for the continued support. Appreciate everyone following along.

Mac Miller Tribute Portrait

One of the hardest things that no one tells you about chasing your dreams is the loneliness and alienation that comes with the journey. If we give everything to our craft what’s left for the people we love or ourselves? Mac Miller’s last album is the epitome of finding and crafting art from our inner soul even if that means going to some pretty dark places. A painfully honest and beautifully introspective look into the depths of his being. He put it all on the table. As an artist, no album has ever, or probably will ever, make more sense to me then, “Swimming.” It paralleled everything I was going through last year. I’m forever grateful for people like Mac Miller who are unapologetically flawed and yet real and brave enough to give everything they have to their craft. That level of commitment makes me feel a little less crazy and a little less lonely on my own journey.

“And sometimes, sometimes I wish I took a simpler route, instead of havin' demons that's as big as my house..” - Mac Miller (2018)

Kyle Mosher Murals

I’ve added a mural section to my website. These are a selection of murals I’ve worked on through out my career. Most of these murals are located in Charlotte, NC, but I’ve got a bunch lined up around the US for 2019. Check out my murals here. Shoot me an email for all pricing and inquiries regarding murals.

"The Vices of Men" - Kyle Mosher 2018

“The Vices of Men” - 60” x 48” x 1.5” Acrylic and Cut-Paper on gallery wrapped canvas. This is the final painting from the series, “exercise these demons.” This is the largest Canvas painting I’ve ever done and the most pieces of paper I’ve ever used. Medusa was so beautiful she was the only woman who was able to steal Poseidon away from Athena, the goddess of beauty. Athena was so mad she turned Medusa into a hideous creature. “Poseidon was easier than most. He calls himself a god, but he fell beneath my fingers with more shaking than any mortal. He wept when my robe fell from my shoulders. “ - Medusa by Patricia Smith, 1955. This is available to add to your collection please direct all pricing and inquiries here: 📸 @katherine_kirchner

Kadi Fit Mural 2018

There are two battles raging. One with the person inside of us and one with the person across of us. Once you master the person inside of you the person outside doesn’t matter. I wanted to use my signature boxers and this wall to remind those people who are working on improving themselves of the battle that really matters. Thankful for Mike and Katie for giving me the opportunity to bless their wall at Kadi Fit This was an easy project to get behind as they are working tirelessly on spreading good vibes and improving yourself in mind, body, and soul. 📸: @katherine_kirchner

Kyle Mosher x Off White Air Presto

Alright guys and girls here’s another brand new limited edition print. Cooked this up probably 3/4 months ago. I’ve been going so hard on the original paintings I wanted to get back to some conceptual commercial projects. The vision I have for my art is to harmoniously in galleries, on billboards, in the digital space, on products, and everything in between. The intersection of fine-art and commercial media was the goal when I stared down this road nine years ago. My entire scenario project was based on this idea. This is a print concept for @off____white combing my signature style and his signature Air Presto. It is available as a limited edition hand signed print exclusively through me. Email or visit my site for all sales and inquiries. #CONTEST tag either @off____white or @virgilabloh for a chance to win a print. I’ll announce the winner on my Instagram story August 25th. Much love 🤙🏼

"If it weren't for galleries all artists would be virgins" 2018

“If it weren’t for galleries all artists would be virgins”, 👉🏼👌🏼 Double Entendre? 40” x 30” x 1.5” acrylic and cut-paper on canvas. From the series, “exercise these demons” this is available to add to your collection. Email for all pricing, purchasing, and inquiries: