Kyle Mosher Podcast

I'm jumping headfirst into the Podcast world. This will be super laid-back and loose in structure. The first few episodes I talk about my journey from the very beginning up until now. As this progresses I'll have guests, topics, and take requests on subjects to talk about. Want me to talk about something? Shoot me an email! Description and link are below:

"The not-so-artist way of being a full-time artist." a podcast by Kyle Mosher

I’m a full-time entrepreneur with a fine-art degree who’s been fired from every real job I’ve ever had. I do a bunch of entrepreneurial things, but always under the umbrella as an “artist”. I have a signature art-style and I operate mostly in the world of culture, music, and fashion. I’ve worked with brands like PUMA, Karmaloop, Bud Light, Radeberger, and more. I’m offering up insight, inspiration, entertainment, crazy stories, rambling’s, and everything in between. Let’s get weird