Novel Noda Mural in Charlotte

Just wrapped up a 16ft x 22 ft mural at the new Noval Noda community here in Charlotte. This mural was inspired by an old boxing gym that once resided where the community now stands. It's my understanding that the brick wall upon which the mural is painted is actually the original brick wall of this old gym, which is cool seeing as that particular space has now been turned into the new complex's fitness center. As for the subject matter, there are two vintage boxers squaring off with each other, which is meant to represent the fight between the old and the new of our ever-growing city -- celebrating what was once there, as well as what is there now. Although it is sad to see things being torn down, it's also exciting to watch firsthand as Charlotte grows and finds its identity. I do think it's important that we remember the history of this city though, and as older buildings come down and new ones go up, I feel that incorporating culture and art into them is a vital way to breathe life into these new spaces, as well as an opportunity to celebrate the city's history.