New Body of Work for 2016

I am constantly pushing myself to grow as an artist. For those who are familiar with my work, I am headed in a new direction for 2016 and beyond. My signature aesthetic will not change, but the style and subject matter will be slightly different. When I set out on this journey seven years ago my goals were completely different. I achieved everything I wanted and more. Now, I have new goals and a new vision for my art. My goal for 2016 is to push my work in a more conceptual and sophisticated direction. There will be a heavy Cy Twombly and Rauschenberg influence. Lots of stylized visual story telling and symbolism. Also, there will be a lot of really large paintings in terms of size. I am currently working closely with a New York City gallerist for the direction of this new body of work. I am really stoked to spread my wings creatively and embark on this new direction.