An Update

I know I've been MIA for the past few weeks and I apologize for not updating y'all on what I got going on! I've been given a very unique and special opportunity that requires basically all of my time, focus, as well as an absurd amount work ethic. Although I cant discuss the specifics of this project I will say it's in the music industry and requires all the skills I've learned in art and business. I'm very grateful for this opportunity and I cant wait to share it with everyone when the time is right. Absolutely love what I'm doing right now and of course I'm crushing it. With that being said I'll be taking a break from my own personal art. I'll still be accepting commissioned work and selling work, but I'll be doing so on a request only basis. If you're interested in either of these shoot me an email: Follow me on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with what I gots' going on!