Tyler Greene Presents: Kyle Mosher

A couple months ago a student by the name of Tyler Greene from Queens University here in Charlotte reached out to me to be apart of a documentary she's filming for one of her classes about emerging artists and what it takes to succeed. Super honored to be apart of something like. Watch my excerpt below, I touch on everything from embracing the struggling, over-coming adversity like negative family members, and what inspires me.

Heist Brewery x Kyle Mosher

Last night was crazy! Thanks to everyone that came out, I really appreciate the support. If you weren't able to make it, my show will be hanging until March 5th. You can see the pieces that I created exclusively for the show below. There are 4 paintings from the show that are not pictured, but they will be added soon. Interested in picking something up for your collection? Everything is available on my SHOP page here!

Bridge Series Flash Sale

I'm doing a flash sale on my best selling prints, the Bridge Series. I'm offering them at Buy 1, Get 1 free! Buy one of the Prints and you get the 2nd one in the series free. These pieces are each 36" x 12" and the cost is $35 + $15 domestic shipping charges.  There are only 3 left of each, so they will sell out today. If interested you need to send me an email, me@kylemosher.com, and I'll send over an invoice. These will ship this week. 

Kyle Mosher x Smelly Cat Coffee and Pinkys

I recently did a series of abstract paintings for Charlotte staples Smelly Cat Coffee and Pinky's Southend Grill. Here is a preview of a few of them. I'll drop more with higher quality photos in the coming weeks. These are all for sale on my SHOP page as well as at each location.

Heist Brewery x Kyle Mosher

Heist Brewery has named me its "Featured Artist" for the month of Febrewary (see what I did there?) What does that mean? I'll be curating their walls with all new exclusive artwork for the entire month. Mark your calendars; opening reception is February, 6th 2015 at 8pm. This should be a sufficient enough heads up, so I expect to see everyone there!

Own an Original Kyle Mosher piece of art for $30

For a long time now I've been wanting to offer everyone the opportunity to own an original piece of art. There have been a lot of people who have either reached out or supported me since the beginning of this journey, but haven't been able to afford an original piece. So, to celebrate this rad new series of paintings I'm working on, I've come up with a special offer: For a limited time only, I will be offering special original 11" x 13" pieces of art for $30 + the cost of shipping. You will have 1 of 2 options:

1. "CUSTOM TEXT", which will feature a combination of custom screen printed background layers and other hand painted acrylic elements. Each background will be unique so no two pieces are exactly the same. UPDATE: You'll be able to request custom text like, "Chase Your Dreams", "Hustle", "Kyle is Awesome" etc..See the example below to get an idea of what you can expect your original piece to look like. 

2. A custom abstract piece with a combination of custom screen printed background layers and other hand painted acrylic elements. These will all be individually named, and possess a unique background so no two pieces are exactly alike. See the example below to get an idea of what you can expect your painting to look like. 

Each of these will be an original 1/1 piece created on an 11" x 13" authentic vintage piece of newspaper. Order yours now on my SHOP page!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me here: Me@KyleMosher.com. International shipping is available upon email request.

"Custom Text" piece of original art:

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 6.37.53 PM.png

Abstract "vintage advertisement" piece of original art (NOTE: Because each piece will be unique they will NOT look exactly like this. Each piece WILL feature layered screen printed vintage advertisements so colors and layered effects will not change.)

Big News + New Series of Paintings

Excited to announce I'm working on an entire new series of paintings. I will still be utilizing my signature color palette and vintage newspaper, but I'll be throwing in a unique twist on things, incorporating vintage advertisement and typography. The ideal end goal for these 20-30 paintings is a solo show or group exhibition, which, is also in the works. I'm out of my mind stoked for these paintings. I'll be dropping teaser photos of the process over the course of the next few months and, as I did with my portraits, I will also be working on another promo video! Below is a little teaser of where I'm headed with these new paintings.

Also stoked to announce that I have a few different collaborations in the works, including one with an insanely talented artist, Adam Vicarel. Peep his work here: http://adamvicarel.com/

Press photos for Charlotte's, "My City Magazine"

Charlotte's, "My City Magazine" will be doing a feature on me in the coming months. Photographer Corrie Fewell stopped by my studio to snap some photos of me working and we talked about some of my pieces. Peep a selection of the photos below and stay tuned for the feature!

This Kyle Mosher is not missing

Alright so there's a dude missing in Michigan and we happen to share the same name. I am not the missing Kyle Mosher (although I wish him a safe return.) It has gotten to a point where I actually have the clarify that. BUT if you are here looking for the missing Kyle Mosher feel free to view my SHOP page for some killer art and if you use the promo code "missing" when you check out and you'll get 20% off your entire order!


Hope you find your dad, Buddy! 


P.S. Below is a picture of myself. Not only is this to raise awareness of my sexiness (#SexSells) (#AintNoShame) (#Hashtag), but I'll use it to illustrate (see what I did there?) that I am, in fact, not your guy. #NotMissingKyleMosher




Here is one of my early illustrations experimenting with using vintage newspaper. I did this while studying in Florence, Italy. The piece is appropriately entitled, "Get Buck". It's safe to say my naming practices also originated in Italy. #GetBuck

New Painting, "Yah, Right" from Abstract Series

Here's another new painting from my Abstract Series entitled, "Yah, Right". This piece is 30" x 24" x 2" with Vintage 1940-1960 New York Times Newspaper and Acrylic paint on durable canvas. As always it's finished with 3 coats of matte varnish to ensure protection against moisture and fading due to accidental UV exposure. Pick it up on my SHOP page here!


So 2014 has been my busiest year ever as an artist.

Here's a recap so far:

  • Moved to Charlotte, NC
  • 5 Commissioned Paintings
  • 6 Non-Commissioned Paintings
  • 11 Total Paintings Completed with 4 more on the way
  • 4 Brand New Prints available on my SHOP Page.
  • 2 Press Features (TOAN Magazine and Art Fucks Me)

What's Next?

  • More Paintings for the Abstract Series
  • More Paintings for the Flag Series
  • 2 More Commissioned Paintings in Que
  • Paint, Paint, Paint
  • Plan, plan, plan new works for the future

Shout out to everyone that's been following my journey and supporting me. Follow me on all social networks: @TheKyleMosher or subscribe to my website RSS feed and be sure to drop me a line, I love hearing from you guys!